Shade Structures

Shade Structures
Kalamazoo, MI

Are you looking to enhance the aesthetic value of your backyard with a beautiful pergola or gazebo?

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What Is A Pergola?

Pergolas are structures used mainly to add an extra shaded area to a backyard.

They come in a variety of different styles, including attached, freestanding, roofed, and unroofed.

Typically, pergolas today are used to provide shade and cover from snow and rain.

In addition to shade, they also add immense aesthetic value to gardens and backyards.

Pergolas are also commonly covered by climbing plants to add an extra flavor of elegance to the landscape.

What Is A Gazebo?

Gazebos are often forgotten in the conversation thanks to decks and patios.

However, Gazebo’s have a few nice features of their own which make them a more affordable and useful investment.

Gazebos are designed for a variety of uses, including:

  • Outdoor game rooms
  • Wedding and receptions
  • Shade for pets
  • Parties & get-togethers
  • Much, much, more. ​

Building Process

​All of our jobs start with a detailed plan which covers every step from start to finish.

We leave no stone unturned and have established an effective process so you can enjoy your newly constructed pergola sooner rather than later.

Our experienced team uses nothing but the best materials so you can sleep knowing your pergola will stand tall for years to come.